You are in!  So many of you wanted to know what the LA office/creative space looked liked, well we are letting you in.

There is no place like home right?  Well this place kinda is like home because we spend most of our hours in this space, creating, working, laughing, and repeat.  Downtown, Los Angeles is the home to our space and everything about it (except parking) is a creative entrepreneur’s dream!

It became so real on move in day but like any new “home” we started with a blank canvas.  Oh and that little person next to Tieko in the window is Mimi’s “mini me”, Chasity.

It was time to put some color to the canvas and color we did.

Check out our matching office chairs! And yes we sit side by side because it makes it easy to collaborate (and to get a quick opinion about a shoe purchase or something before pulling the trigger).

This would be our lounge area and the place that magic happens for filming.  Okay, so we do take breaks and hang out to watch a movie here and there!

We have a kitchen area where Mimi can cook everything from empanadas to pancakes and Tieko can eat.  In case you have not heard Tieko is allergic to cooking but she has no problem cleaning the kitchen so…

If you look closely you will see that plastic chick who has joined the team but we will formerly introduce her to you in a couple of weeks.

April is the door keeper of this place so her space is front and center!!

Now you know Mimi has to have her own creative space within the creative space so she has her own nook with her sewing machine, serger, fabric, cutting table, dress form, and film equipment.  And no she has yet to give in and sew something for Tieko!

And of course we have our space for playing dress-up for shoots, etc., with all of the accessories a girl could dream of.  Nah,  certainly there is room for more!


We are so excited to finally start posting some style pics. We are still gonna be easing you in by sharing some office tours, day-in-the-life sorta stuff but every week there will be STYLE, STYLE, STYLE.

We do have a goal in mind with our style post.  We want to inspire your PERSONAL style.  Of course we hope you love the way we do what we do but we began this journey with the intention to show how style is really personal and that it has less to do with fashion but everything to do with how you work your wardrobe to highlight YOU!

Tieko Is Wearing: Red Plaid Shirt H&M / Target White Boyfriend Jeans / Zara Fringe Heels/ Vintage Necklace and MK Watch.
Mimi Is Wearing: Red Plaid Shirt H&M / American Eagle Jeans / Steve Madden Booties / F21 Accessories and MK Watch.

We often like the same pieces which is really how this portion of our blogging began.  We always gravitate to the same pieces in the store when shopping.  Funny thing though, it is inevitable that we are going to pair it with pieces in our closet differently.  I am probably more eclectic and a bit edgy in my style.  Mimi is so lady-like and sexy with her personal style.  We can cross over however, at any given time into the other’s comfort zone.

In this look we took a Zara oversized plaid shirt and styled it in our own way.  We do very little chatting about how the other is going to do their thing.  That would take the fun out of it, right?

Mimi wore it buttoned up which gave a deep v-neck front. She wore a girlfriend jean (I did not make this up.  It is a fitted version of a distressed boyfriend jean).  I went for a more casual look, wearing mine as an open duster.  I also opted to get a few more wears of my white denim because who said I can’t wear white after Labor Day?  My jeans are a baggier fit, hence a boyfriend jean.

I am not surprised at the things we did similar with our looks.  We both went for a statement necklace because it added a style punch to the large print plaid.  Not surprisingly, we both went for a heel, Mimi a shoe booty and I a strappy heel.  There is something so effortless about a cuff and a heel.  And of course the red lipstick just made since.  You are not afraid of a red lip are you?

I am certain we could come up with several more ways to wear this piece; a mini dress with sneakers maybe?  I would even do a pair of leather leggings and knee boots.  The only rules to live by is keep it stylish and keep it personal!  #efffashion


It’s a wonder how any of us get through our days with as much “stuff” as each of us have to handle. This is why it’s so important that you have an amazing team around you when you are in business…

Tieko and I talk about this all the time! It’s not about us as individuals it’s about how great we are as a team. We love April because we know there is no way we could get through our day without her. She keeps everything in order for both Mimi G Style as well as Tieko and Mimi which can be totally overwhelming I am sure, but we would never know it.

Norris has been an amazing asset to our team. In case you wondered we literally have to walk around with someone photographing or video taping our daily shenanigans. This is how we create content for the Tieko and Mimi blog and the Mimi G Style blog too… which is a lot of work! We couldn’t be more thankful to have him with us to capture those moments and to give us inspiration too… In return we often photograph him for his blog, lol! it’s a win win people.

Our days are usually filled with a lot of laughter, hair pulling (except Tieko), calendar erasing and rescheduling and did I mention laughter? lol! Our faces always look like this when we are in the office, it’s a wonder how April can get anything done dealing with us everyday.

Mimi G.
Editor and CEO of Mimi G Style, Inc.

  • Fave Color? Pink
  • You are obsessed with? Notebooks & Fabric
  • Perfect Pizza? Chicago deep dish, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms
  • Fave Movie? A Few Good Men
  • Fave Word? Right?
  • If you left tomorrow you are packing for? Paris
  • Rank These: Family, Work, Fun, Sleep 1. Family 2. Fun 3. Work 4. Sleep
  • One thing people would be surprised to know?  I am really shy
  • Favorite Accessory? Gold oversized watch
  • What would you want people to remember about you? That I worked as hard as I could to provide for my family.

Tieko Nejon
Brand Strategist and CEO of Tieko Nejon, Inc.

  • Fave Color? Green
  • You are obsessed with? Tattoos and books
  • Perfect Pizza? Deep dish pizza, pepperoni, red onions
  • Fave Movie? The Five Heartbeats
  • Fave Word? Boom
  • If you left tomorrow you are packing for? Paris
  • Rank These: Family, Work, Fun, Sleep 1. Family 2. Sleep 3. Fun 4. Work
  • One thing people would be surprised to know?  I am afraid of clowns
  • Favorite Accessory? Red lipstick
  • What would you want people to remember about you? I lived everyday with intention

April Hartsfield
Personal Assistant and Our Everything!

  • Fave Color? Red
  • You are obsessed with? YouTube
  • Perfect Pizza? Chicago deep dish / sausage, mushroom & bell pepper
  • Fave Movie? Lady Sings The Blues
  • Fave Word? Wow
  • If you left tomorrow you are packing for? Paris
  • Rate These: Family, Work, Fun, Sleep 1. Work 2. Family 3. Fun 4. Sleep
  • One thing people would be surprised to know? I was in a singing group in high school
  • Fave Accessory? Purse… One day a LV Neverful
  • What so you want people to remember about you? That I’m passionate about seeing people live their dreams & helping them get there.

Norris Ford
Menswear Blogger and Photographer

  • Fave Color? Orange
  • You are obsessed with? The “why” 
  • Perfect Pizza? Sausage and pepperoni
  • Fave Movie? Training Day
  • Fave Word? Aristocracy
  • If you left tomorrow you are packing for? London
  • Rate These: Family, Work, Fun, Sleep 1. Family 2. Work 3. Fun 4. (Lil) Sleep
  • One thing people would be surprised to know? I played defensive line up until Jr. High
  • Fave Accessory? Rings 
  • What so you want people to remember about you? My philanthropy and the inspiration I give through my art