It has been a whirlwind of laughs, good times, light-hearted conversations, and deep girl talks (like the stuff you don’t tell your mom).  We both attended one of those fashion functions but as our eyes met…the other’s outfit, immediately a friendship ensued.  Is it love at first sight when you instantly know that you have found your forever style crush?  I wonder if Carrie felt this way when she met Miranda?

It is funny how sometimes life dictates our exchanges and interactions.  After parting ways, I don’t think either of us believed it would be the last time we would speak but for sure we had no clue that we would become an item, literally.  It was not even a week before we had what was our first business meeting, not quite planned that way but something just clicked and all these ideas we had seemed to be better fit for a duo.  We realized that we had soooo much in common, right down to a scar on our right foot in the exact same location.  Of course shopping and food is high on the list, which is the heart of Tieko & Mimi, but we both are obsessed with seeing other women shine and own their personal style. 

In our personal brands, MimiG Style and Tieko Nejon, we were already targeting women who had big dreams and determination to match.  Mimi G is a Lifestyle blogger, catapulting the DIY world with her ingenious sewing skills.  Tieko is a Branding maven adding the personal style to the brands of entrepreneurs from logo design to photo shoots.

It only seemed appropriate to create a platform strictly for our love for style and fashion. And so we give to you Tieko & Mimi, a style blog for the everyday woman.  We get that style last while fashion fades. We also get that style is personal which makes it effortless.  That is why we stick to our motto “Effortless style over fashion”. #EffFashion!

We are excited about you riding this wave with us and giving you all we’ve got in terms, well, everything; style blog, Tieko & Mimi TV, and, oh she said I can’t tell just yet!

SO what happens when a couple does not see eye to eye? You need an amazing assistant like April whom you will learn more about in the next post.

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