How To Rock A Chunky Cardi

sweaterSo we must admit we missed you guys and we are gooshing to be back to (one of) our really fun gigs.  We have another confession about these chunky cardigans…California is really not this cold!  Maybe in the evenings, and that is a big maybe, but we still like to dress the season and not necessarily the weather.  This look is all about the comfy chunky cardigan. Continue reading “How To Rock A Chunky Cardi”


We are back and Happy New Year!!! Okay, so we realize that we are on the last leg of February but don’t judge us!  We have been working hard, and playing a little, prepping for the GOODNESS we plan to roll out this year.  You know we both run our respective companies as well so launching a new year requires us to give 100% in about 100 places! Continue reading “WINNERSSS!”