Yellow Anyone?

Let’s all agree that yellow is a color that makes anyone happy?  How can it not?  The sun, the moon, the stars and now these yellow wide leg pants!  And the price equated to us purchasing them in every color, orange, green, black…DSC03367 IGDSC03265DSC03311DSC03384DSC03499DSC03332dsc03321-e1467081422559DSC03380PANT-LEGSThese pants are the absolute best piece to dress up, down, or in the middle.  We would wear them with a pair of flats in a second but this time around we wore heels.

Tieko wore a sleeveless blazer and a and distressed graphic tee.  She piled on gold jewelry because gold makes yellow pop brighter!

Style Tip: Make good use of your graphic tees by pairing them with your dressier bottoms, skirts or pants.

Mimi wore hers with a short sleeve denim button up.  And even though you can not see much shoe, a leopard print kicking out from these silky pants is a sexy.

Style Tip:  We are sure we have mentioned this before but adding a denim shirt to a textured, bright, or printed bottom is like turning your outfit upside down.  You always have a top for your bottom if you keep a denim shirt on your rack.

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Yellow pants sold out, similar here/ sleeveless vest, similar here/  denim shirt here


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